About Us

Art is the universal language of mankind and has the power to connect people from all over the world.

Museum of Goa [MOG] is an endeavor to take art to the masses. It seeks to break social and cultural barriers and make art accessible to all. It was founded by Dr. Subodh Kerkar on 6th November, 2015 in Pilerne Industrial Estate, Goa.

Vision: To create a tolerant, liberal, happy, connected and humane society using art as a medium of change.

Mission: To create opportunities to expose a large population to contemporary art and thus break the cultural barrier.

This inclusive space for the Arts brings together artists, curators, collectors, art enthusiasts, educators, students and audiences from all walks of life. It hosts exhibitions, workshops, residencies, lectures, talks and art courses. MOG intends to be a platform for contemporary Indian and international artists, building a cultural network for exchange and interaction.

Envisioned less as a repository of objects and more as a laboratory of ideas, MOG welcomes multidisciplinary art forms – painting, sculpture, photography, design, moving image, music, theater, poetry, installation, and others – to have constant dialogue with one other. Contemporary art is a universal language of sharing and communication today. Through MOG, Goa is positioned in a global conversation, and is placed on the international art map.

MOG Foundation

MOG Foundation is an endeavor to promote art. It organizes exhibitions, seminars, lectures, debates, concerts, art classes, workshops and publish books on related topics. It will also institute awards and scholarships.

We thrive to promote art in public spaces and work on cultural literacy programs for the masses. We intend to establish a bridge between the old artistic traditions and contemporary expressions.

Overall, the foundation is committed to making art a part of life.



Our Team

Dr. Subodh Kerkar
Subodh Kerkar was born in a small picturesque village of Keri on the Northern border of Goa in 1959. He is the Founding Director of the Museum of Goa (MOG) whose artworks & installations are heavily washed by the inspiration he draws from the ocean, both literally and metaphorically. Boats, fishermen, sand and the use of light feature throughout his work. The ocean is both inside and outside his works; his master and his muse.

Siddharth Kerkar
Project Manager
Currently studying Fine Art & Design at Central Saint Martins, London; Siddharth grew up in Porvorim, Goa. He has been a part of Art Bengaluru, India and Algarve Artist Network Art Fair, South Portugal. He manages several projects at MOG and also creates various abstract artworks. He likes to travel and also explore new art materials and textures.

Carmine Fernandes
General Administration
Studied Commerce in DMC College, Goa; Carmine grew up in Candolim, Goa. Carmine has been associated for more than 20 years with Kerkar Art Complex, an art gallery started prior to MOG. At MOG, she works as a General Administrator. She loves listening to music and feasting on Goan cuisine. You can write to her at carmineformog@gmail.com

Dmytro Dokunov
Digital Artist
Studied Computer Science & Networking in Polytechnic University of Odessa; Dmytrov grew up in Ukraine. He is the co-founder of Pixelated Realities, a public non-profit organization that is engaged in Virtual Reality and Architecture. At MOG, he works as the Digital Artist for various projects of the Museum. He has an interest in 3D scanning, 3D printing, Virtual Reality, Film Making and Photography.

Noreen van Holstein
Project Creator & Manager
Master of Law from the University of Amsterdam (UVA); Noreen grew up in Netherlands. She is the founder of Cards4U, an innovative marketing channel reaching out to the young urban affluent target audience. At MOG, Noreen is the Project Creator and Manager for the events hosted at the museum. Her interests include social change, impacting people, creating and discovering new things.

Yogesh Mopkar
Studied Arts in Government College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Sanquelim; Yogesh grew up in Bicholim, the mining heartland of Goa that is surrounded by serene lakes. You can write to him at mogyogesh1@gmail.com

Lavina D’souza
Studied B.Com in St. Xavier’s College, Goa; Lavina grew up in Saligao, Goa; a place that is surrounded by scenic agricultural fields. She worked as an auditor at Accelya Kale Solutions, Porvorim for 2 years. At MOG, she handles the MOG Store and ticket counter. She loves to travel and bake sweet delicacies. You can write to her at lavinamog@gmail.com

T M Yadhukrishnan
Project Coordinator
He writes for random train-featuring video clips, that takes him into a dream within a dream maze! He tries to keep his mind constantly stimulated with imaginationary and absurd things which often drive his creative writing. At MOG, he tries to be friendly and organizes a talk every Sunday. And also co-ordinates with workshops, performances, screenings and other fun stuff. You can write to him at yadhuformog@gmail.com

Maria Carvalho, Assistant
Digital marketer
Studied BBA at St. Xavier’s College, Goa; Maria grew up in Mumbai. She completed a 2 month training in Digital Marketing at Libra Computers, Goa. At MOG, she handles the social media platforms of the museum as well as the Museum website. She likes to travel and play the ukulele and keyboard. You can write to her at mariaformog@gmail.com

Joaquim Mendes
Graphic Designer
Studied Applied Arts in Goa College of Art, Panjim; Joaquim grew up in Tiracol, Goa. He worked as a Graphic Designer at Cognizant in Kolkata. You can write to him at joaquimmog@gmail.com

Aditi Rakhe
Aditi is a passionate art historian who recently completed masters in History of Art from the University of Nottingham (U.K.). She has bachelors in architecture, and has worked as a designer, editor and writer. She wishes to continue to pursue a career in the promotion, conservation, publication and curation of art. You can write to her at aditiformog@gmail.com

Sunil Shivani
Sunil grew up and studied in Kolahpur, Maharashtra. He worked as a polisher for a furniture manufacturing business in Mapusa. He has been working with MOG for 15 years. His tasks include painting, framing, polishing and certain electric works. He likes to watch the Indian form of wrestling, known as Kushti.

Anil Kumbhar
Studied in Adarsh High School, Sirsangi; Anil grew up in Kolahpur, Maharashtra. He is the younger brother of Parashuram and has been working with MOG for 10 years. His tasks too include Clay Works, such as Molding & Pottery and also Fiber work such as Fiber-glass molding. He likes to watch several sports but loves to play cricket.

Ramesh V Pirvolkar
Ramesh grew up in Britona, a traditional Goan village known for its fishing activities. He used to work as a Bus bodybuilder for a bus manufacturing company. He has been working with MOG for 17 years. His tasks include Welding and Denting. He loves to go fishing with his friends and family.

Shankar Pandit
Studied in a Government School, Karnataka; Shankar grew up in Devan village, Karnataka. He used to work as a carpenter in a furniture workshop, Candolim. He has been working with MOG for 25 years. His tasks include Wood Works, such as Carving. He likes to cook various dishes.

Parashuram Kumbhar
Studied in Adarsh High School, Sirsangi; Parashuram grew up in Kolahpur, Maharashtra. He has been working with MOG for 16 years. His tasks include Clay Works, such as Molding & Pottery and also Fiber work such as Fiber-glass cutting. He likes to watch and play cricket.
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